How Do I Update WildTOOLs


How do I update the WildTOOLs External add-on to PowerCADD?


PowerCADD v7, WildTOOLs v8, Mac OS? X

What To Do

Prior to updating WildTOOLs, you should Quit PowerCADD (choose PowerCADD menu > Quit) and make a backup copy of the WildTools folder located at Startup Disk > Applications folder > PowerCADD 7 folder > Plug-Ins folder > WildTools folder. This is a safety precaution in case you have problems with the updated version of WildTOOLs or need to revert to a backup of the previous version for some other reason.

The update process basically involves replacing the currently installed WildTools folder with a new WildTools folder that you will download from Engineered Software. Replacing the WildTools folder updates all the related plug-ins necessary for WildTools to run correctly.

To Install the latest update to WildTOOLs, do this:

  1. Visit Engineered Software's Downnload Page XTNL URL and download the latest copy of WildTOOLs
  2. A .DMG? file is downloaded to your hard drive (Example: WildTools8.dmg) . This disk image contains the update files
  3. Double click the .DMG downloaded in Step 2. A CD Icon appears on your desktop with the PowerCADD logo
  4. Double click the icon in step 3 to see the files to be udpated. You will see a number of files including a WildTools folder which contains the critical files for updating
  5. Open the PowerCADD Plug-Ins folder that was automatically included with your installation of PowerCADD and which holds the WildTOOLs External modules.. It should be located at Startup Disk > Applications folder > PowerCADD 7 folder > Plug-Ins folder. If you had previously installed WildTOOLs correctly, you should see a folder named WildTools
  6. Drag the WildTools folder from step 4 into the Plug-Ins folder in step 5.
  7. You will see a screen prompt asking you to confirm the operation. Click Replace to complete the update process

The next time you launch PowerCADD, the latest version of WildTOOLs will load.

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Only applies to versions prior to WildTools 9

As of the date and time of this post, the current shipping version of WildTools is 9.0.2 which works with PowerCADD 8.0.5

However, the update process for WildTOOLs noted above does not work as the download link on Engineered Software's website ( is currently inactive.

To check your version of WildTools:

  1. Launch PowerCADD v8
  2. Choose PowerCADD menu > PowerCADD Profile...
  3. The PowerCADD Profile dialog box will open listing your current version

If you need to update your current version of WildTools 9 to verison 9.0.2 contact Engineered Software XTNL URL or your local distributor XTNL URL

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