Feature Overview

The ability to specify the Global Origin for a DWG? file written from PowerCADD is critical to cross platform consultant coordination. The differing coordinate spaces requires additional effort on the part of WinTel/Acad users receiving the PCadd DWG file which is often unacceptable in terms of a 'delivered product'.

Feature Description:

Writing DWG with a user specified global origin would simply speed up cross platform coordination with AutoCAD and other 1:1 Coordinate system applications on both Mac's and PC's (for example, FormZ, a Mac and Windows 3D modeling application using a 1:1 coordinate system, or AutoCAD which is also a 3D and 2D application using a 1:1 coordinate system)

This would seem a logical extension of the current Global Origin feature allowing me to work with large coordinate values with in PowerCADD.

Work Around

Currently, the only work around is to have a copy of AutoCAD on hand (running on a dedicated Windows computer or on an Apple computer running Windows in some type of emulation environment), open the translated PowerCADD file and move it manually to the required coordinate location. If Global Origins were written with the DWG file when saved from PowerCADD, the anchor point and appropriate XY insertion point could be included in the file, thereby saving this step and simplifying the cross platform translation process.

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Carried over from PowerCADD v8 Translator wish list

We've moved this topic from the PowerCADD v8 to v9 wish list. Sadly it didn't make it into the current release as of March 2008 but maybe it'll make it into a rolling update for PCD8 or perhaps new for PCD9.

Please cast your vote, we've left the poll name the same so we didn't loose any previous votes.

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