Import Tabbed Text Files as a Table

Feature Overview

Ability to import a tabbed delimited text files and have PowerCADD create a table. The resulting table would be editable like tables created with the Table Tool are now.

Feature Description:

A tabbed text file refers to a text file which is generic in nature where items are separated by tab's and carriage returns and saved in a plain text format which may be opened in a variety of applications - a PowerCADD symbol report is an example of a Tabbed text file, sometimes referred to as a tab delimited text file.

We'd like some mechanism to import a tabbed text file back into PowerCADD is important to routine work flow. The imported tabbed text file would be a table (vs. a text block with Indents and tab's).

For example: when a symbol report is saved, it cannot be imported back into PowerCADD in an editable format. Rather it must be opened in another application (Excel, AppleWorks, FileMaker, etc) and brought back into PCadd using Place (e.g. Placed PDF?) to retain formatting. If the table is pasted in then all formatting is lost.

If PowerCADD could import the tabbed text file as a table, simple editing could be done directly in PowerCADD.

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Wish Granted in PowerCADD 8

We're calling this one a wish granted as the Advanced Text Tool in PowerCADD 8 creates tables. The content for that table can come from Excel and when pasted into an Advanced Text Edit Window is a formatted table. In the context of the work flow we described above of importing a symbol report, one could:

    Export the symbol report from PCD8 by choosing File? menu → Export → Symbol Report.

  1. Open the exported symbol report in Excel and perform any desired formatting.
  2. Copy the formatted content in Excel and Paste it back into an Advanced Text Edit Window in PCD8.
  3. The result is a formatted table that can be edited.

We're not sure how all the nuances of the Advanced Text tools table feature will play out but for now this looks like it'll do the job.

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