Improved Previews for Bitmap Effects

Feature Overview

The preview presented when using the Apply Bitmap Effects... menu item is too small (note, it's acknowledged this is an Apple limitation since the menu item calls Apple's QuickTime). An improved preview where the entire drawing window acts as the preview would provide better visual feedback.

Feature Description:

Any QuickTime or similar effect should be previewed in the main drawing window. The dialog box for the QuickTime effect should also be moveable. The current model makes it difficult to get predictable results.

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Didn't make it into PowerCADD 9.0.0

Looks like we'll roll this one forward to the PowerCADD 10 wish list

Carried over to PowerCADD 9 Wish List

Sadly this didn't make it into PowerCADD 8.0 released March 2008. We can always hope for a rolling update to PowerCADD v8, until then we've moved this to the PowerCADD v9 wish list section. The poll is still open so cast your vote or post a comment (must be registered and logged into vote and post comments)

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