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I find the text size on this website too small to read comfortably. How can I make it easier to read?


Any web standard compliant browser and Mac OS? X (same principles described below also apply in Windows)

That's a great question and it's a very easy fix.

All of the text on this site (or any website) can be made larger or smaller using standard features built into web standard compliant sites like this one, and build into web standard compliant web browsers like Safari, FireFOX and others.

To make the text bigger in Safari, do this:

  1. choose View menu > Make Bigger
  2. all text on the site will be larger, including text in the body of pages like this one and all the navigation items.

Notice that the content of the site reflows automatically to accommodate your larger text size. To make the text smaller simply go back to the View menu and choose Make Smaller

Hint:You can also add an icon to the Safari tool bar that let's you enlarge and reduce the size of text by clicking on an icon. To add Text Sizing icons to your Safari tool bar, do this:

  1. choose View menu > Customize Address Bar...
  2. a sheet will drop down from the Safari document window
  3. drag the Text Size icons from the Sheet onto the Safari Address Bar and press Done

Now you can change the text size up or down simply by clicking on the appropriate icon.

If you're using a web browser other than Safari, for example FireFOX, you're are going to be looking for menu items named something like Text Size. Typically those types of menu items appear in a web browsers View menu.

Hint: You can also use key command short cuts to do the same task, and they are often the same in man web browsers. Press Command + to make text bigger. Press Command - to make text smaller

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