Feature Overview

The ability to save the settings used to translate a drawing as a preset setup that could be recalled again later and applied to different files.

Feature Description:

When a file is opened for translation, the user has to make a variety of choices for the translation settings such as scale, sheet size, limits, extents, whether to use a specific pen color to line weight lookup table, delete off page objects, etc.. There are in fact several settings which must be set.

Currently the translator remembers the last used settings, which is helpful but limiting. Ideally it would be great if all the settings and optional settings assigned in the Incoming Settings Window could be saved as setup. In principle this is similar to how Gradient settings, Sheet Setups, or how Color To Line Weight and Line Weight to Color translation settings are saved and may be applied quickly by selecting them from a menu.

Given most AutoCAD shops are consistent in how they setup files, or at a minimum are consistent with how files in a given project are setup, the proposed new feature would make it considerably more efficient when multiple translations are required on a project (which is typicall the case). The time savings also become even more significant when we realize there are typically multiple consultants on a given project, each with their own AutoCAD to PowerCADD translation setting requirements. In addition, those user who work with multiple consultants on multiple projects would see an even greater benefit for the proposed feature.

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Wish was Granted in PowerCADD 8.0.6

Thank you to Engineered Software for adding this feature to PowerCADD 8.0.4

A reminder that PCD? 8.0.4 is a free update for any PowerCADD v8 registered users. Contact Engineered Software or your local distributor for details on how to update or how to upgrade from an earlier version of POwerCADD.

We have a related article here on this feature.

Carried over to PowerCADD 9 Wish list

Sadly this didn't make it into PowerCADD 8.0 released March 2008. We can always hope for a rolling update to PowerCADD v8, but until then we've moved this to the PowerCADD v9 wish list section. The poll is still open so cast your vote or post a comment (must be registered and logged into vote and post comments)

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