PowerCADD 8

Information specific to PowerCADD version 8

Attach Menu didn't create the type of object I expected

When I choose Tool menu → Attach the resulting object isn't what I expected. Why?


  • PowerCADD version 9 (9.1.3 or newer recommended)
  • Mac OS? X (Mavericks version 10.9.2 or newer recommended)
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Using PowerCADD and WildTools to add a Guideline

How do I add a Guideline that matches a object already in my drawing?


  • PowerCADD version 7, or 8 (8.1.2 or newer recommended)
  • Mac OS? X (Leopard or Snow Leopard)
  • WildTools version 8 or 9 (version 9 recommended
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PowerDraw legacy files

Opening older (legacy) PowerDRAW files in Mac OS? X if you have PowerCADD

PowerDRAW was the predecessor to PowerCADD; both authored by Engineered Software. XTNL URL PowerDRAW version 1 through version 6 was written for the original Apple Macintosh computers using the Motorola 680X0 series chips and was optimized for Mac OS 6 through Mac OS 7. When Apple switched to the PowerPC (PPC) chip set by IBM PowerCADD 1 was released for that operating system (OS 7) and chip set (PPC).

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PowerCADD 8 Free Updates - What's Changed Notes

Engineered Software issues free updates to PowerCADD 8; here is the list of what's new or fixed as noted by Engineered Software in their email issued to users who update.

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New Help in PowerCADD 8

There are some new tricks to get help in PowerCADD 8

We recommend reading all the links in our Getting Help section here to get started. However, there are some neat new features in PowerCADD 8 which you can also use to ask for help or assist in trouble shooting.

Please review your PowerCADD printed or PDF? manual for information on these subjects.

  1. Help menu → Submit Trouble Shooting Report (see our related article here)
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PowerCADD 8: Submit Diagnostic Report Typo

Issue: Typo in the Submit Diagnostic Report... dialog.


  • PowerCADD 8.0.0
  • Priority: Low
  • This issue has been reported to Engineered Software
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