Information applicable to all release versions of WildTOOLs XTNL Plug-in

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About Guru Content .: The Learning Center

If you're looking for a PowerCADD, WildTOOLs, iOS, or Mac OS Guru you're in the right place. The Guru Content area of our website is your starting point if you're looking for How To articles, tutorials, problem solving tips and techniques, or information on a variety of Mac OS and Macintosh related applications including PowerCADD, iPhoto, .Mac?, Mac OS X, iOS, Mac OS 9, and others.

We're always adding content to the Guru Content so check back often. Registered caddpower.com visitors can take advantage of our RSS? News Feed and subscribe to receive the latest Guru Content articles right at our finger tips! (and yes, we have a How To on how to do that). Remember, Guru Content is searchable and contains detailed, step by step instructions on what to do and why.

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PowerCADD Guru Content

About PowerCADD Guru Content

If you're looking for a PowerCADD Guru or WildTOOLs Guru you're in the right place Smile Our PowerCADD Guru section contains content on what we consider to be the best 2D design and drafting product available on the Macintosh. What you'll find here isn't available any place else on the web and is based on over two decades of real world design and product use with the Macintosh and PowerCADD. Being part of the Alpha and Beta testing process for this release (and previous ones for almost two decades), also gives us important insights about the product and how new features are integrated into the design and production process.

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About Graphic Libraries

caddpower.com is pleased to offer a variety of PowerCADD Graphics Libraries for online distribution. Please take a moment to read this file, it provides an overview of important information designed to help you get the most out of these Libraries.

What do the Libraries "Do" ?
Each component in a Library is a Time Machine. When you use a Library you're buying TIME.

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About WildTOOls Guru Content

About WidTOOLs Guru Content

If you're looking for a WildTOOLs Guru you're in the right place Smile Our WildTOOLs Guru section contains content on what we consider to be an excellent third party plug-in that runs inside of PowerCADD.

Developer (United States): WildTOOLs is authored by Alfred Scott and is available through these channels:

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Asking for Help

Here are some things to make it easier when asking for help

There can be a few reasons why you are having a problem and there are almost always solutions to smooth that out. As you can imagine we receive a large number requests for help with incomplete problem descriptions. Clear, definitive descriptions are mandatory for us to try and provide some sort of reasonable analysis and assistance.

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Free Discussion Forums & Related Sites

Other websites offer free information too

If you're looking for additional information you can also try some of the other free websites out there. We provide various related links in the resources link found in your primary navigation area. That content includes PowerCADD links and Mac OS X links which are also helpful.

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