Applies to All versions of PowerCADD regardless of version number

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The amount of RAM? installed in your computer can directly affect performance.

Just how much RAM should you have installed is quite a subjective matter as it depends on the type of work you do, how many documents and applications you have open at one time, what version of Mac OS? X you're running and your type of hardware. While PowerCADD does an excellent job working the Apple's Mac OS X modern memory manager, having sufficient RAM installed is still important for general productivity.

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Tweaking Performance

What features in PowerCADD 7 and Mac OS? X can help me fine tune performance?

The range of hardware and style and types of drawings prepared by PowerCADD users is significant to put it mildly. To address that vast range of variables PowerCADD has several application level preferences and menu commands to help you tweak things to your particular circumstances.

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Buying PowerCADD

Purchasing or Upgrading PowerCADD

There are a few choices on where or how to purchase PowerCADD depending on where you are and what you're looking for.

Current PowerCADD users who want to upgrade to the most current version:

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How To Send Files

Rules of the Road for emailing us files.

Here are a few important steps to follow when sending files for translation by email. Please take a moment to review these steps as they help streamline the translation process and reduce errors.

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Paying for File Translations

Please do not prepay for file translations. When your translations are ready we'll let you know and your secure online payment can be made at that time. If we cannot translate the file there's no charge.

All data received and sent is maintained as confidential. Your data will not be sent or shared with anyone else without your prior written permission. If you'd like us to forward your translations directly onto a client or consultant we're happy to do that with your permission.

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