New Help in PowerCADD 8

There are some new tricks to get help in PowerCADD 8

We recommend reading all the links in our Getting Help section here to get started. However, there are some neat new features in PowerCADD 8 which you can also use to ask for help or assist in trouble shooting.

Please review your PowerCADD printed or PDF? manual for information on these subjects.

  1. Help menu → Submit Trouble Shooting Report (see our related article here)
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Asking for Help

Here are some things to make it easier when asking for help

There can be a few reasons why you are having a problem and there are almost always solutions to smooth that out. As you can imagine we receive a large number requests for help with incomplete problem descriptions. Clear, definitive descriptions are mandatory for us to try and provide some sort of reasonable analysis and assistance.

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Free Discussion Forums & Related Sites

Other websites offer free information too

If you're looking for additional information you can also try some of the other free websites out there. We provide various related links in the resources link found in your primary navigation area. That content includes PowerCADD links and Mac OS X links which are also helpful.

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Free content on this Website

This website has a lot of free information

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Personalized Support and Training

We offer personalized Mac OS? and PowerCADD support

In addition to having used PowerCADD (and PowerDraw) products for over 20 years we've also:

  • Started out designing and drafting by hand -- we understand how to bridge that gap and explain processes in real world design terms.
  • Been on the beta testing team for approximately 20 years.
  • Given numerous public presentations detailing PowerCADD and the Mac at Apple stores and for professional organizations
  • Written the PowerCADD application manuals for versions 6, 7, 8 and 9.
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Free PowerCADD Technical Support

Your PowerCADD purchase includes free technical support

Depending on where you purchased your product, your local distributor typically offers free technical support.

Free PowerCADD support from Engineered Software: If you purchased PowerCADD in the United States then you have access to free PowerCADD support from Engineered Software, authors of PowerCADD; contact them via their website XTNL URL for voice and email contact information.

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