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Has the PowerDWG translator been updated for PowerCADD 7? If so, where do I order it and how do I install it?


Yes, the PowerDWG translator has been improved and updated for PowerCADD 7. The PowerDWG Translator is now bundled (included) with your purchase of PowerCADD 7 and it has a vastly improved, interactive, interface making for more accurate and efficient translations. Best of all, the translators now support file formats through AutoCAD 2006! Read more in this PowerDWG Sneak Peak.

Prior to PowerCADD 7, the PowerDWG translator was a separate, add-on, product which required separate installation. In version 7 of PowerCADD, the PowerDWG is now included with the core product. As a result, the PowerDWG translator is already installed when you install PowerCADD.

What to Do:

Although it's installed automatically with PowerCADD 7, PowerDWG is still an External and as such, it can be turned on and off. If you are not seeing the DWG as an option when saving PowerCADD files, or you are not able to open DWG files, make sure the PowerDWG External is loaded:

  1. Choose PowerCADD menu > Preferences... > Loader
  2. Scroll down the list and click on DWG to check the item as on
  3. Click OK and Quit PowerCADD
  4. The next time you launch PowerCADD the PowerDWG translator will be available

If you are not able to open a *.DWG file and you have confirmed the PowerDWG External is loaded using the above steps, then check the file name. All files must have a valid *.DWG suffix in order for PowerCADD to list them in the File? menu > Open... dialog box.

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