Personalized Support and Training

We offer personalized Mac OS? and PowerCADD support

In addition to having used PowerCADD (and PowerDraw) products for over 20 years we've also:

  • Started out designing and drafting by hand -- we understand how to bridge that gap and explain processes in real world design terms.
  • Been on the beta testing team for approximately 20 years.
  • Given numerous public presentations detailing PowerCADD and the Mac at Apple stores and for professional organizations
  • Written the PowerCADD application manuals for versions 6, 7, 8 and 9.
  • Been responsible for in-house network development, staff training, and server administration. Basically we pulled every cable, wired every desk, setup the server, developed the data management systems and trained all in-house staff; all that in addition to carrying out our traditional professional design responsibilities.

We know PowerCADD and the Mac OS and how it affects business!

Our Personalized CADDcare services is a fee based support and education system we offer for all versions of PowerCADD or PowerDraw (and other applications, just ask) in the United States and Canada (we're prepared to visit other countries upon request).

As a CADDcare preferred client you have access to all the information on this website, plus direct email and telephone support available 12 hours per day weekdays and 6 hours per day on Saturdays; on site training is also available.

Our education and support services don't just end with PowerCADD -- we offer full coverage of PowerCADD and related Mac OS X services and devices that you use in daily production.

Getting started is easy -- just drop us an email.

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