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If you're looking for additional information you can also try some of the other free websites out there. We provide various related links in the resources link found in your primary navigation area. That content includes PowerCADD links and Mac OS X links which are also helpful.

Please note the free discussion forums noted below (and in our Resources | PowerCADD section) are not official technical support sites. While we are advocates of public forums and openly particulate in them, it's important to remember the purpose of those forums. As their name suggests these forums are places for peer-to-peer discussion of PowerCADD related subjects. Information posted in discussion forums can sometimes be helpful in solving a technical problem or getting general information but if you are looking for official technical support help in a timely manner please visit this link on our site for details.

In general, we like to think of discussion forums (as opposed to official technical support forums) much like do when chatting at the coffee maker or water cooler in the office. It's a nice place to hang out, chit chat, get caught up, but we don't spend a lot of time there 'cos we have more important (read: billable!) things to do. Sometimes we find tidbits that are really helpful but more likely we're just looking to gossip, vent, or maybe find a lead to some better information on a subject Smile

Free Discussion Forums and Related Sites:
XTNL URL Design PowerCADD forum
XTNL URL Architosh Forums
XTNL URL The Bull Pen Note: it appears the authors of the Bull Pen have elected to let that domain expire. We have included it here for completeness as its unknown if this is a temporary or permanent situation.

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