PowerCADD 9 Wish Lists

PowerCADD v8 was released March 2008 and we've already started our PowerCADD v9 wish lists. Who said the life of a software developer was easy Smile

Feel free to cast your vote or contribute a comment (must be logged in to vote or post comments). If you have something you'd like to add drop us a note and we'll get a new page and poll started.

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Auto fill

How about a feature to auto fill title blocks and drawings numbers on several sheets at once

how might it work?

That's an interesting suggestion and one I toyed with in the past.

When the Mac OS? used to support publish and subscribe (way back about 10 years ago), I used to perform a similar trick via publish and subscribe.

However, newer technology might be better

I recommend jotting down how you think it might work and firing off a note to Engineered Software or feel free to post the thoughts here and we'll make them aware of it.

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