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August 26 2010:Engineered Software has released PowerCADD 9

Visit this link on our website to learn more about Buying PowerCADD for the first time or to learn how to Upgrade from a previous version of PowerCADD to version 9. Engineered Softwares website also has information on what's new in PowerCADD 9 and we have information here in our PowerCADD 9 Learning Center. We also suggest readers visit PowerCADD Canada to read this release announcement for PowerCADD 9.

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This section of our PowerCADD User Learning Center is dedicated to the latest version of PowerCADD, version 9. Premium content on this site is restricted to registered users only. To post comments, vote in online polls, and access other features on this website please register or login.

Basic System Requirements:

PowerCADD 9 supports Intel only Apple Macintosh Computers.

  • Processor: an Apple Macintosh computer with Intel (single, dual or more) processors
  • RAM?: 2 GB? (gigabyte) of RAM for optimal performance
  • a CD-ROM drive
  • a hard disk drive with 150 MB of free disk space for the PowerCADD application, user manual, and example drawings
  • Operating System: Mac OS? X 10.5 Leopard minimum, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer recommended

Recommended System Requirements for PowerCADD 9:

While the minimum system requirements will do the job with respect to PowerCADD, here are a few additional or modifications to those requirements well worth considering:

  • Main Processor: Multi processors will accelerate the operation of Mac OS X and therefore also improve performance for PowerCADD. Multiple Intel Core i3, i5, i7 or Xenon processors or better.
  • An additional 125MB of free hard disk space (275 MB total) for third party PowerCADD Externals and their related user manuals and/or example files.
  • Graphics Board: The fastest possible graphics board, with maximum amount of Video RAM available for your particular hardware. Maximizing your graphics board will help increase overall system level performance and by association the performance of PowerCADD.
  • RAM: at least 4 GB of RAM total. There are various system level processes that take up memory, along with the other applications that are also typically run during a work session in addition to PowerCADD. For example it may not be unusual to have an Email application, web browser, word processor, spread sheet and image editor (e.g. Photoshop, PhotoShop Elements or Painter) all running at the same time as PowerCADD.
  • Operating System: Mac OS X Snow Leopard (most recent version -- OS 10.6.4 at time of this writing) or newer. A well maintained and up to date operating system is critical to overall computer performance and affects all applications, including PowerCADD.
  • OS Maintenance: A well maintained Operating System and hard drive. This includes regularly running OS X Repair Permissions (related Apple article ), hard drive directory maintanence , CRON? tasks (related Apple article ), and general hard drive optimization (one of our related articles). It's also important to note that having sufficient free hard disk space is important for proper performance of Mac OS X -- a hard drive with insufficient free disk space can cause significant OS slow downs which affects all open applications including PowerCADD. We recommend maintaining at least 15-20% free hard drive space on your hard drive, with a bare minimum of 10% free hard drive storage space.
  • Optional: an output device and related software drivers of your choice which is Mac OS X compatible to print your drawings
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PC 9 crash

Start PC9, close new document window. Don't create or open a document. Place your cursor over an open tool window and press and hold opt-cmd. PC9 crashes. Upon restart the new document window doesn't appear.

The crash comment needs clarification...

Without having any sort of background information it's impossible to recreate or provide meaningful feedback

- what version and build number of PowerCADD 9?
- what version of Mac OS? X?
- what Apple hardware?
- what additional externals are purchased/loaded?
- is this a US/CDN English copy or International version that uses a USB dongle?
- have you contacted Engineered Software technical support about the specifics of the issue?

We aren't able to consistently recreate the problem here with PowerCADD 9.0.6 build KA31 and Mac OS X 10.6.6. We did get it to crash once but have not been able to recreate that condition.

We did notice that pressing Option+Command appeared to invoke the WTools Zoomer function. When mousing over a tool icon, with no drawing window open, this appeared to create a grey box in the center of our display. As there was no drawing window open at the time , there was nothing to zoom in to. This may be the cause of the crash? If you're running WTools we suggest disabling it in Loader... and trying again. If that corrects the problem then contacting both EngSW and Sequoir Air (authors of WTools) would be the logical next step.

Again, we've only been able to create the crash once, even with WTools and zoomer enabled. However based on initial observations this appears to be a likely start point to address where the crash might be occuring.

Seems related to WTools Zoomer...

We managed to recreate the crash you described today, and reviewed the crash logs. Below are the first few lines of the crash log. We've shown the Zoomer comment in bold. We've reported this to EngSW but it appears the easiest 'fix' is to simply not use Zoomer (pressing Command+Option), when no drawing window is open until some sort of crash protection is implemented for this unique circumstance.

Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0 com.engsw.GraphicsEnvironment 0x006b7799 CGraphicsEnvironment::SetAccumulatingDirty(bool) + 9
1 com.engsw.PowerCADDdb 0x003d76b9 DWindow::UpdateViewBufferRect(TRect const&, OpaqueRgnHandle*) + 137
2 com.engsw.PowerCADDdb 0x003da393 DWindow::UpdateViewBuffer() + 307
3 com.engsw.PowerCADDdb 0x003da55a DWindow::UpdateWindow() + 154
4 com.engsw.PowerCADDdb 0x00118c38 DWindow::Scroll() + 472
5 com.engsw.PowerCADDdb 0x00118e37 DWindow::ScrollWDiag(bool) + 295
6 com.engsw.CoreUtilities 0x2091f51c BaseToolLoop::BasicScroll() + 28
7 com.engsw.WildThing 0x21c2f7f7 ToolLoop::LoopForReduceToFit(WildBuffer*, bool) + 327
8 com.engsw.WildThing 0x21c3293d Zoomer() + 61

9 com.engsw.PowerCADDdb 0x0009adce DoPeriodicActions() + 254

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