PowerCADD 9 Known Issues

About PowerCADD 9 Known Issues

Call them what you will: bugs, problems, nuances, glitches, whatever. Bottom line is there are going to be issues with any software. Sometimes it's a bug, sometimes is a change that affects existing users who upgrade. Anything we've confirmed as known issues with PowerCADD 9 is posted in this section of our PowerCADD 9 Learning Center

We post what version of PowerCADD and Mac OS? X are affected, a complete description of the problem, and any work arounds that can be used. When an issue is fixed we update the article with that critical information.

New in this version of our Known Issues section is the Priority ranking we've assigned. We have attempted to place a general ranking of low, medium, or high to each known issue. It's important to remember these are our own (caddpower.com) rankings of the issues, and they do not constitute a formal priority ranking by Engineered Software. Ultimately determining the priority of items to address falls to Engineered Software but we've included a relative ranking to help you (our readers) gauge the possible impact to your work flow.

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