PowerCADD 8: Rotate Hatches

New to PowerCADD 8 is the Rotate Hatches... menu item.


  • PowerCADD version 8 (8.0.0 or newer recommended)
  • Mac OS? X (Leopard version 10.5.2 or newer recommended)


Among the various other Hatch Settings features in PowerCADD for adjusting line weight, scale, and other hatch attributes is the new ability to rotate a hatch pattern. In previous versions custom hatch patterns were often created to specify the same pattern, but at different rotation angles. Each new custom hatch pattern (one for each rotation angle) took up an additional space in the Hatch Palette. Over time, finding the correct pattern took longer than desired. Well, no more, now you can rotate any hatch pattern with one easy operation.

What To Do

To rotate a hatch in PowerCADD 8, do this:

  1. Select the object with the hatch pattern assigned.
  2. Choose Attr menu → Hatch Settings → Rotate....
  3. The Rotation Angle dialog will appear.
  4. Enter the desired angle and press Ok.
  5. The hatch pattern is rotated to the specified angle.

If you change your mind and want the hatch pattern returned to it's original angle simply reapply the original hatch pattern from the palette. Of course Undo also if you change your mind too. However, reapplying the original hatch pattern works at any time as opposed to being restricted by the number of steps you've specified in Undo Options or if you have perhaps quit PCD8 and are opening the same file again in a different session.

Demo Movie
quicktime Click here to watch a demo movie (17MB) which illustrates the concepts described above (click here for movie help).

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