New Help in PowerCADD 8

There are some new tricks to get help in PowerCADD 8

We recommend reading all the links in our Getting Help section here to get started. However, there are some neat new features in PowerCADD 8 which you can also use to ask for help or assist in trouble shooting.

Please review your PowerCADD printed or PDF? manual for information on these subjects.

  1. Help menu → Submit Trouble Shooting Report (see our related article here)
  2. Help menu → Safe Mode Instructions
  3. Help menu → Reset PowerCADD

In particular, try item (2) and item (3) if you are seeing odd or inconsistent behavior in PowerCADD 8 that you do not normally see. When you submit your Trouble Shooting Report mention you tried those steps.

Note: as of the date of this article we have not covered the above topics in detail on our website. However as time permits we'll be adding content so please check again or search our site for those terms.

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This feature is also

This feature is also available in PowerCADD 9 and works the same way

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