PowerCADD8:Help Menu: Submit Trouble Shooting Report

New feature in PowerCADD 8: Submit Trouble Shooting Report

Question: When I choose Submit Trouble Shooting Report I'm prompted for access to my keychain; why and what should I do?


  • PowerCADD version 8 (8.0.0 or newer recommended)
  • Mac OS? X (Leopard version 10.5.2 or newer recommended)


This new feature has been added to help assist both you and Engineered Software when trying to trouble shoot a technical support problem. Basic information about your PowerCADD 8 drawing and some general hardware and system information is sent to make it easier for technical support staff to understand your particular circumstances. Here is an example of what's sent taken from an empty untitled drawing; your actual content will vary:

Current System Settings:

CPU Type: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7600 @ 2.33GHz
Number of Processors: 2
OS System Version: 10.5.2
System Memory: 3072 MB
Display Size: 1920 x 1200

Current PowerCADD Information:

PowerCADD Version: 8.0.0
PowerCADD Build Number: HC14
Current Exterenals Loaded:
Loader , ACAD Translator , Arc Functions , Attach , Bitmap Utils , Blend Objects , BlossomingCursor , Cleanup Drawing , Convert Outlines , Custom Tool Palettes , Date Time Stamp , Dimension Window , Fence Cut , Gradient Fill , Graphics Export , Guide Grid , Layer Window , MacPaint Reader , Magic Wand , Mechanical Tools , Move Object , Move Points , Move Window , Multi Trim , Notations , Object Text , Objects Along Path , Pan Tool , Place , Postscript Translator , Read HPGL? , Reference Files , Replace Symbol , Select Adjoining , Select Special , Selection Filter , Set Symbol Fields , Smart Layers , Snap Window , Status Window , Survey Dimensions , Symbol Data , Symbol Palette , Symbol Report , Wall Tools

Drawing Information:

Drawings Open: 1

Individual Drawing Information:

Untitled - 2
Drawing Size: 0 KB
Number of Layers: 1
Number of Objects: 0

Drawing Size: 0 KB
Number of Layers: 1
Number of Objects: 0

Unsent Crash Logs:

Recently Used Items:

Items Used Time Since Used (sec)
Close 751.119
Selection 751.619
Close 1108.67
Paste 1119.92
Text 1121.17

Additional Comments:

What To Do

Submitting the trouble ticket is as straight forward as filling in the form field and pressing submit:

  1. Choose Help menu → Submit Trouble Shooting Ticket
  2. The Submit Diagonistic Reportdialog appears as pictured here:
  3. PowerCADD 8 submit trouble shooting ticket report dialog.

  4. Fill in the required fields and press Submit.

It's at this stage that the majority of users will see the prompt to access your Mac OS X Keychain. When you pressed Submit PCD8 wanted to use the Mac OS X to send an email message. In order to send the message it needs access to the send email information that is typically saved in your Mac OS X Keychain. Typically you'll see a prompt similar to this (we've expanded the Show Detail tab for illustration here). You can safely press Allow and PCD8 will send the email message to Engineered Software technical support staff.

PowerCADD 8 Submit help ticket keychain access prompt dialog.

Remember, if you are dealing with an international distributor (or private consultant) who provides separate technical support, the trouble ticket is going to Engineered Software - not your international distributor. It's worth contacting your international distributor prior to using this feature as they may have a different procedure they prefer you use. At a minimum, it can be helpful to simply access the Submit Trouble Shooting Ticket menu and copy the content that appears in the top most (first) field so you can email that directly to your preferred technical support contact.

We hope that helps

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