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March 2008:Engineered Software has released PowerCADD version 8

Visit this link on our website to learn more about Buying PowerCADD for the first time or to learn how to Upgrade from a previous version of PowerCADD to version 8. This PDF file link on Engineered Softwares website also has information on what's new in PowerCADD 8.

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This section of our PowerCADD User Learning Center is dedicated to the latest version of PowerCADD, version 8. Premium content on this site is restricted to registered users only. To search for content, post comments, vote in online polls, and access other features on this website please register or login.

Basic System Requirements:

PowerCADD 8 supports Intel only Apple Macintosh Computers. We strongly recommend reading the front page of Engineered Softwares website for an important message from Bill Stanley (President of Engineered Software):

  • Processor: an Apple Macintosh computer with Intel (single, dual or more) processors
  • RAM?: at least 512MB (megabytes) of physical RAM installed is required for Mac OS? X. We recommended 1 GB? (gigabyte) of RAM for optional performance. MORE than 1GB of RAM will be required if you are running multiple applications in Mac OS X
  • a CD-ROM drive
  • a hard disk drive
  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.4 Tiger or newer
  • Free Space: 160MB (megabytes) of free hard drive space for the PowerCADD application, documentation, related example files and related third party external add-on's
  • Optional: an output device and related software drivers of your choice which is Mac OS X compatible to print your drawings

caddpower.com Recommended System Requirements for PowerCADD 8:

While the minimum system requirements will do the job with respect to PowerCADD, here are a few additional or modifications to those requirements well worth considering:

  • Main Processor: Multi processors will accelerate the operation of Mac OS X and therefore also improve performance for PowerCADD.
  • Graphics Processor and Video board: The best possible video board you can afford which exploits Apple's OS X native support for Open GL and Core Image, Quartz Extreme and related Apple system technologies. Apple has been moving a significant number of processes to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and VRAM? (Video Random Access Memory). The better your video board, the better your overall system performance, and therefore PowerCADD performance, will be. This link is worth reading as to why VRAM is important in Tiger and even more so in Leopard.
  • RAM: at least 2 GB of RAM. There are various system level processes that take up memory, along with the other applications that are also typically run during a work session in addition to PowerCADD. For example it may not be unusual to have an Email application, web browser, word processor, spread sheet and image editor (e.g. Photoshop, PhotoShop Elements or Painter) all running at the same time as PowerCADD.
  • Operating System: Mac OS X Leopard (most recent version -- OS 10.5.1 at time of this writing) or newer. A well maintained and up to date operating system is critical to overall computer performance and affects all applications, including PowerCADD.
  • OS Maintenance: A well maintained Operating System and hard drive. This includes regularly running OS X Repair Permissions (related Apple article ), hard drive directory maintanence , CRON? tasks (related Apple article ), and general hard drive optimization (one of our related articles). It's also important to note that having sufficient free hard disk space is important for proper performance of Mac OS X -- a hard drive with insufficient free disk space can cause significant OS slow downs which affects all open applications including PowerCADD
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Is PowerCADD 8 compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 mavericks?

See this related page on our website for more on PowerCADD and Mac OS? X 10.9 mavericks


Requirements for Quartz Extreme and Core Image graphics

Those looking to purchase new hardware, be it for PowerCADD specifically or general use (think iChat Video, Screen Sharing, iMovie, etc.), should take the time to read this short Apple Knowledge Base Article on video board requirements. While the article is for Mac OS? X Tiger (10.4) it's principles are still germane to Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)

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