PowerCADD 8: Text Attributes Window displays incorrect font

Issue: After translating a DWG? or DXF? file, the Text Attributes Floating Window always displays the selected text block as being Geneva when in fact it is some other font.


  • PowerCADD 8.0.0
  • Priority: Low
  • This item as been reported to Engineered Software


After translating a DWG or DXF file, and choosing Editable Text in the Text Settings dialog, the text blocks in the new PCD8 drawing are always described as Geneva when in fact their font is something else.

To recreate the condition:

  1. Translate a DWG file and choose Editable in the Text Settings dialog and choose any font other than Geneva from the pop up list.
  2. Choose Windows menu → Text Attributes.
  3. Select any Advanced Text Block.
  4. Observe; as pictured below, the selected text block is described as being Geneva when in fact it is not.

Text Attributes floating window

Work Around

There is no known work around to what is essentially a cosmetic condition. When editing the text block in the Advanced Text Edit Window the Fonts panel will render the correct font and you may still change it to whatever you like.

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