PowerCADD 8: ACAD Translator: Rotated Arcs

Issue: Sometimes when translating a dwg file arcs are rotated out of position


  • PowerCADD 8.0.0, ACAD Translator External
  • Priority: High
  • This issue has been reported to Engineered Software


When reading a DWG? file, in some cases (but not all) arcs are rendered correctly in the Tranlator Preview window but are rotated incorrectly when opened in PCD8. The two screen shots below show the condition of the correct preview, and the incorrect result -- note that not all arcs are affected. The DWG file used to create this example is attached below for additional testing if necessary.

powercadd 8 acad translation preview correct.

rotated arcs in wrong position

Work Around

There is no direct work around to correct the problem during the translation process. Obviously after the file has been opened in PCD8 the arcs can be rotated to their correct position and snapped into place. Another alternative would be to convert the arcs to polygons in ACAD prior to opening the file in PCD8 but this is less than elegant. We understand from conversations with EngSW this issue is on the list of items to be addressed in a rolling update to PCD8 and the ACAD Translator XTNL.

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It seems from a brief look

It seems from a brief look at the AutoCAD drawing in question, that "arcs" DO indeed translate correctly.

The rotated "arcs", it appears objects are, in fact, AutoCAD ellipse.

Further some of what appears to arc are indeed AuoCAD polylines

Jim "Oldguy" L

Fixed in PowerCADD 8.0.1

This issue is fixed with the free update to PowerCADD 8.0.1 build HD23 or newer

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