PowerCADD 8: ACAD Translator: mis-assigned fonts

Issue: The font specified in the ACAD Translator → Text Settings dialog for Editable fonts is not what is assigned when the file is opened in PowerCADD 8.


  • PowerCADD v8.0.0, ACAD Translator External
  • Priority: High
  • This item has been reported to Engineered Software


When translating a DWG? or DXF? file, you can specify which font is used in the resulting PCD8 drawing as an editable font. However the font specified is ignored and all text appears as Helvetica.

To see the condition, do this:

  1. Drag and drop a DWG file onto the PCD8 application icon (or use any means you like to open the file in PCD8).
  2. In the Translator Settings dialog, click the Text button to display the Text Settings dialog as pictured here:
  3. powercadd 8 translator text settings dialog

  4. Choose the Editable radio button and specify a font from the pop up list (Arial Black in our example shown above.
  5. Press Ok and complete the translation process. The file will open in PCD8, each piece of text will be a new Advanced Text block.
  6. Double click any of the text blocks to open the Advanced Text Edit Window.
  7. In the Advanced Text Edit Window, open the Fonts window.
  8. As pictured below, the selected text is described as being Helvetica Regular rather the specified font Arial Black.
  9. powercadd 8 edit advanced text dialog

    Work Around

    The easiest work around is, after translating the file and opening it in PCD8, choose Text Menu → Replace Font to change Helvetica to your font of choice. For more on working with Replace Font see this related article on our site which applies to PowerCADD 7.0.5 or newer and PowerCADD 8.

    We hope that helps

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Fixed in PowerCADD 8.0.1

This issue is fixed with the free update to PowerCADD 8.0.1 build HD23 or newer

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