Ability to automatically lock and unlock objects

Feature Overview

It would be great if PCD? remembered which items were previously locked and prompted me to lock them again after completing an operation.

Feature Description:

Currently, when performing a select all, and the selection set contains locked items, I get a prompt allowing me to Unlock items. This makes perfect sense, for example I may be selecting all the content to perform a move by drag operation and adjust the layout of my drawing. Great -- makes sense but after I perform my operation I don't know which objects I had previously locked, which was likely done for good reason, and now I have to manually go back and try to recall what they were and lock them again. This operation is time consuming and can be confusing since in a large object count drawing I may well not recall which items I had locked.

Feature Request:
After completing my operation (e.g. moving all the objects) , I should be prompted for something like "would like me to relock previously locked items". Put another way, it would be great if PCD remembered which items were previously locked and prompted me to lock them again after my operation.

Given I get a prompt to unlock items, that seems to be a flag at the object level. If that flag/status can be remembered then it seems possible to know the items should also be locked again. Of course this is all subject to my inability to program squat Laughing out loud

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Wish Granted in PowerCADD 8

This one was requested while we were beta testing PowerCADD v8 and it was granted!

Here's a screen shot of the new screen prompt that appears if you attempt to perform an operation that includes locked items in the selection set.

PowerCADD 8 new Edit Locked items dialog prompt

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