PowerCADD 7

About PowerCADD 7

This section of the PowerCADD User Learning Center is dedicated to PowerCADD version 7, released in January 2006, by Engineered Software.

Basic System Requirements for PowerCADD 7 as noted by Engineered Software XTNL URL

  • Processor: a PowerPC / Power Macintosh G3, G4 or G5 computer
  • RAM?: at least 256MB (megabytes) of physical RAM installed is required for Mac OS? X. We recommended 1 GB? (gigabyte) of RAM for optional performance. MORE than 1GB of RAM may be required if you are running multiple applications in Mac OS X
  • a CD-ROM drive
  • a hard disk drive
  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.3 Panther or newer
  • Free Space: 160MB (megabytes) of free hard drive space for the PowerCADD application, documentation, related example files and related third party external add-on's
  • Optional: an output device and related software drivers of your choice which is Mac OS X compatible to print your drawings

Recommended System Requirements for PowerCADD 7:
While the minimum system requirements will do the job with respect to PowerCADD, here are a few additional or modifications to those requirements well worth considering:

  • Processor: A Power Macintosh G4 or G5, a G5 is recommended to take advantage of the additional features in OS X and PowerCADD v7
  • RAM: at least 2 GB of RAM. There are various system level processes that take up memory, along with the other applications that are also typically run during a work session in addition to PowerCADD. For example it may not be unusual to have an Email application, web browser, word processor, spread sheet and image editor (e.g. Photoshop, PhotoShop Elements or Painter) all running at the same time as PowerCADD.
  • Operating System: Mac OS X Tiger (most recent version -- OS 10.4.4 at time of this writing) or newer. A well maintained and up to date operating system is critical to overall computer performance and affects all applications, including PowerCADD.
  • Quartz Extreme Graphics Card: To get the most out of Mac OS X and PowerCADD, a video board that supports Apple's Quartz Extreme and Core Image technology is a significant benefit. This Apple Knowledge base article XTNL URL is worth reviewing
  • OS Maintenance: A well maintained Operating System and hard drive. This includes regularly running OS X Repair Permissions (related Apple article XTNL URL ), hard drive directory maintanence , CRON? tasks (related Apple article XTNL URL ), and general hard drive optimization (one of our related articles). It's also important to note that having sufficient free hard disk space is important for proper performance of Mac OS X -- a hard drive with insufficient free disk space can cause significant OS slow downs which affects all open applications including PowerCADD
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