PowerDWG Translator

Bill Stanley, President of Engineered Software XTNL URL, posted a sneak peak publicly XTNL URL of the new PowerDWG Translator in the soon to be released update for PowerCADD 7. Here's our take on things.

Part 1: File? formats
Yes! PowerDWG will read AutoCAD DWG release 10 through release 2006 file formats.

While we can't discuss the particulars of the translation process until the product is released, suffice to say part 1 is some pretty big news that will be welcome by many long time PowerCADD users.

Part 2: Improved Translator interface
If a picture is really worth a thousand words then the new DWG Incoming Settings dialog is War and Piece condensed into a single window!

Remember the old way? Well, as James Caan said in Mickey Blue Eyes XTNL URL "Fuhgeddaboutit" (forget about it) Cool No more guess work thanks to an improved interface that includes a live preview! Every change made in the Incoming Settings dialog is updated in the Preview Pane and the suggested drawing scale and page size update too! Here's a general breakdown of the new interface:

We can't wait to talk more about this new suite of features; these should be a time and money saver.

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