Sometimes we just can't get around to writing a whole article addressing a particular topic. However, we often toss together quick demonstration movies to help folks out. This article has some demonstration movies and slide shows for various bits related to sketching... they're not perfect but until we get around to dotting the i's and crossing the t's, these will have to suffice Cool


Minimum: PowerCADD v6, Mac OS? 9 or OS X
Recommended: PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS X

Basics of Sketching

Here are several slide shows outlining just some of the basic approaches to sketching in PowerCADD (many of these examples also use the WildTOOLs Sketch Tools add-on)

Need help playing a movie: click here

quicktime Learning the Basics [507KB]: When learning to sketch in PowerCADD, start by creating the same basic forms and doodles you did when learning to draw by hand on paper. This sequence of slides gives you an idea of some of the things you can try and tools to consider.

quicktime Building a Bubble Diagram [645KB]: Bubble diagrams, or concept diagrams as they're often referred to, can be a lot of fun. This slide show illustrates what can be done using WildTOOLs Sketch Tools and PowerCADD. Try recreating the look and feel in these slides to get a feel for how the tools work.

quicktime Plan Graphic Sketch [405KB]: Another quick example of what can be produced using WildTOOLs Sketch Tools and PowerCADD. Once you have a feel for building bubble diagrams, try doing something just a little bit more detailed. Keep it simple so you can concentrate on how the tools feel verses trying to tackle a huge project.

quicktime Sketching on top of a Photo [590KB]: This example was prepared using PowerCADD 2000 (or PowerCADD v5 if you prefer) in OS 9. It should be noted, the technique of assigning a bitmap a pen color illustrated in this slide show is no longer available in PowerCADD v6 or v7. In PowerCADD v6 or v7, you would use the Apply Bitmap Effect to tint the bitmap instead. The possiblities are fun. Hint, In PowerCADD v7 you can adjust the opacity of a layer which will fade the photo!

quicktime Apply QuickTime Effects to Sketches [540KB]: Somewhere we have a slide show of how this sketch was originally created using PowerCADD and WildTOOLs - when we find it we'll post it here. Until then, here are some examples the impact QuickTime effects can have when applied to your PowerCADD drawings.

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