Select objects based on attributes


How do I select objects by color and line weight in PowerCADD? Does this option exist?


Mac OS? 9 or Mac OS X : PowerCADD version 1 through version 6
PowerCADD 7 and Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.4 or newer) recommended


PowerCADD's Select Special... in the Edit Menu was intended specifically for what you need to do. Select Special... allows you to select all visible objects on all editable layers by any attribute of Line Weight, Dash pattern, line ends (Arrows), Pen or Fill Color, Pen or Fill Pattern, and/or Object Type, or any combination thereof.

Select Special... works with the Pointer tool's Selection Filter hierarchial fashion to allow the selection of specified object types that bear the specified attribute values.

What To Do

If you do know the specific attribute values you want to match:

  1. Choose Edit Menu > Select Special...
  2. Choose the specific attributes in the dialogue.
  3. Click OK

All objects matching your attribute criteria will be selected.

If you do not know the specific attribute values, but have an object in the drawing that bears those values you wish to match:

  1. Select an object in the drawing that bears the attributes first
  2. Choose Edit Menu > Select Special...
  3. Click Get Object Attr to set attributes to precisely those of the selected object.
  4. Click OK

All objects matching the attribute criteria will be selected.


  1. To select only certain object types (example: Lines only) choose Window menu > Selection Filter and set the Selection Filter check box options for Lines only, then use Select Special... as described above.
  2. Ensure Edit ALL is ON to select objects on all visible layers.

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