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Where are all the preference files stored for PowerCADD and WIldTools in Mac OS? X?


PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS X Tiger or newer recommended


Because Mac OS X is a multi-user operating system, application preferences are unique to each user not specific to the core operating system. In Mac OS 9, application preferences were part of the core operating system folder (assuming multi-user mode was not used).

There is one core set of PowerCADD preferences which holds both the PowerCADD and WIldTOOLs application level preferences.

When trouble shooting possible problems, it can often be helpful Quit PowerCADD and remove the PowerCADD Defaults file or remove the com.engsw.PowerCADD.plist file from their current locations to the desktop. The next time you launch PowerCADD new files are created with clean factory defaults. If the problem goes away, you can trash the old files you removed.

The PowerCADD Preferences folder, located at User/Library/Preferences/PowerCADD, contains the following folders and files the first time PowerCADD launches. If you are upgrading from PowerCADD 6 and used Mac OS X your folder may contain additional custom items from PowerCADD 6.

  • Custom Tool Palettes folder: Your personal Custom Tool palettes.
  • DWG? Templates folder: Your personal Line Weight to Color or Color to Line Weight templates saved when using the PowerDWG Translator.
  • Gradient Templates folder: Your personal Gradient Templates you save using the Gradient Tool
  • Data Templates file: Your personal Database Templates you save using the Set Data command.
  • Default Tables file: Your personal Global Attribute values.
  • PowerCADD 7 Defaults file: Settings related to general application level defaults such as tool palette and floating window positions.
  • PowerCADD 7 Key Commands file: contains internal information used by PowerCADD to allow key command shortcuts.
  • Custom Color Palettes file: Your personal PowerCADD color palette information
  • Custom.Dict file: any words you add using the PowerCADD spell checker.
  • PowerCADD Key Defaults file: Your personal key commands. If you do not assign any custom key commands this file is not created.

What To Do

Your PowerCADD Preferences are stored in this path:
Startup Disk/Users/UsersHomeFolder/Library folder/Preferences folder /PowerCADD folder/. The PowerCADD folder will contain all the application level preferences, custom color palettes, etc, for PowerCADD and WIldTools as described earlier.

There is a second file stored in this location:
StartupDisk/User/UsersHomeFolder/Library/Preferences/com.engsw.PowerCADD7.plist. This file stores a variety of application level preferences such as layer names used for the Layer Tools function.

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