Measuring Lengths of Polygons & Béziers


Can I measure the length of a Polygon or Bézier curve in PowerCADD for doing quantity take-offs?


Any version of PowerCADD (version 7 or newer recommended)


The perimeter of a polygon, or bézier or a line = it’s length.

A polygon or bézier curve might represent a contour line or wall in a drawing and knowing it’s perimeter (length) can be important for cost estimating / quantity take off purposes.

PowerCADD’s Area.. Menu Item (Tool Menu > Area.. ) provides the simplest options to calculate the perimeter (length) of a single object or the cumulative length of multiple selected objects. For a single selected object, the perimeter (length) calculation may be displayed in the Edit Window or inserted into the drawing. In the case of multiple selections:

  1. The cumulative perimeter (length) of all selected items may be inserted into the drawing.
    • Or
  2. Each objects perimeter (length) may be inserted into the drawing

PowerCADD’s Export Data.. Menu Item (File? Menu > Save As > Export Data) also provides advanced options for reporting the length of multiple items. A report of the selected items may be exported, then imported into a database. The perimeter (length) for each item is one of the reported fields and maybe used to perform detailed value added analysis.

PowerCADD’s Set Data Menu Item (Edit Menu > Symbol Data > Set Data...) may also be used. This method allows each object to be named and reported internally in PowerCADD using Edit Menu > Symbol Data > Place ReportMenu Item. Items with the same name will show the cumulative perimeter (length). Items with different names will report their unique perimeter (length). These reports may be updated in PowerCADD after an object is edited and new perimeter (length) is reported.

What To Do

We’ll cover the simplest method here using the Area.. Menu Item as it’s the most commonly used item and addresses most drawing conditions.

Option A: Display the perimeter (length) in the Edit Window for a Single Object:

To see the area and perimeter of a selected objects in the drawing, do this:

  1. choose Window menu > Edit Window to open the Edit Window
  2. draw an object (example: polygon, line, bézier or rectangle)
  3. when the object is selected the Edit Window displays the area and perimeter automatically

Note: Option A is unique to PowerCADD 6 and PowerCADD 7. In versions prior to v6 or v7 you should use Option B described below

Option B: Insert the perimeter (length) into the drawing for a Single Object:

To measure the perimeter (length) of a single polygon, bezier or line and have the value inserted into the drawing do this:

  1. select the object
  2. press and hold the OPTION key
  3. choose Tool Menu > Area..
  4. check the Place Perimeter box
  5. press the OK button

The perimeter (length) of the item is inserted into the drawing.

Option C : Getting perimeter (length) for multiple selected objects

To measure the perimeter (length) of multiple objects and find the cumulative perimeter (length) do this

  1. select all the objects you want to know the perimeter of
    • (Note: the selected items may be a combination of polygons, lines and beziers, they do not all need to be the same type of object)
  2. choose Tool Menu > Area..
  3. The Area.. Dialog will open automatically
  4. check the Place Perimeter box
  5. check the Cumulative Total box
  6. press the OK button

The cumulative perimeter (length) of all selected objects is inserted into the drawing.

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