Magnetic Window Preference not shutting off


Floating windows are still stuck together after I shut off PowerCADD menu > Preferences... General Tab > Magnetic Windows.


PowerCADD v7.00 and v7.01


Turning off PowerCADD menu > Preferences... General Tab > Magnetic Windows does not automatically 'unstick' or 'free up' all the floating windows and tool palettes that were previously stuck together.

What To Do

After turning off the Magnetic Windows Preference, press Command while dragging the floating windows apart. The window will not stick to other floating windows on subsequent moves.

Alternatively, leave Magnetic Windows Preference On, Control+click on a specific floating window to shut off Magnetic Windows for that specific window. While you'll still have to press Command while moving the floating window the first time, it will not stick to other windows on subsequent moves.

This issue has been reported to and confirmed by Engineered Software and we understand a fix is in progress.

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This condition is changed in PowerCADD 9

In PowerCADD 9 turning off the Magnetic Windows Preference (unchecking the box) now "frees up" or "unsticks" all floating windows; allowing them to be moved independently of each other.

problem still exists in 7.0.3

current testing indicates the problem still exists in version 7.0.3

problem still exists in 7.02

our current testing indicated the update to PowerCADD 7.02 does not fix this issue

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