Key Command Conflict with Show/Hide OS X Dock


The default key command assigned to Duplicate... in PowerCADD conflicts with the Mac OS? X preset key command Option + Command + D which is used to Show/Hide the Mac OS X Dock.


PowerCADD v7.00, v7.0.1 in Mac OS X


Mac OS X has pre-assigned the key command sequence of Option + Command + D to Show/Hide the Mac OS X Dock. PowerCADD has also pre-assigned the same key command sequence to bring up the Optional Settings dialog for the Duplicate... command.

In this instance, the Mac OS X, system level, key command over-rides PowerCADD's internal key commands and pressing Option + Command + D will not open the Optional Settings dialog for the Duplicate... command. Rather, the Mac OS X Dock is hidden or shown. Another example of Apple grabbing yet another key command sequence at the system level which creates a conflict with any applications (not just PowerCADD) that wants to use that same key command sequence.

To See the Condition

In PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS X, do this:

  1. Create a New Untitled document
  2. Draw an object and select it
  3. Press the default key commands Option + Command + D
  4. Observe: the Mac OS X Dock is hidden or shown (depending on it's previous status)
  5. This is an incorrect result, the Duplicate.. settings dialog should have opened

Recommended Fix: The default key command for Duplicate... should be changed from
Option + Command + D to Shift + Option + D or some other non-conflicting sequence such as Control + Command + D.

Screen shot updated below to show how the dialog would look after making the recommended change to Shift + Option + D

Work Around

Fortunately PowerCADD makes it easy to fix the condition. To get around the conflict, do this:

  1. Choose PowerCADD menu > Preferences... > Commands tab
  2. Scroll down the list to locate Duplicate...
  3. Click on Duplicate... and the current key command is listed on the right of the dialog
  4. Select the current key command and press Delete
  5. With Duplicate... still selected in the left hand scroll panel, press Add
  6. Press the desired key command sequence on the keyboard. To assign multiple key strokes press the keys at the same time. In our example, press Shift + Option + D
  7. The new command appears in the list on the right (see image above for an example of what the dialog should look like). Press OK to accept the changes.
  8. Result: now, when you select an object in the drawing and press Shift + Option + D the Duplicate.. settings dialog open allowing you to customize the Duplication operation.

Remember: When assigning a custom key command sequence, the sequence must include the Option key in order to open the optional settings dialog.

For more information on assigning custom key commands, review the PowerCADD user manual.

This issue has been reported to Engineered Software.

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condition still exists in 7.0.5 and OS X Leopard

the condition (conflict at the system level) still exists with PCD? 7.0.5 and OS? X Leopard 10.5.2

The fix also works just find, simply reassign the key command as described above and the optional settings dialog for Duplicate... will open as usual.

If you prefer to leave the PowerCADD key command unchanged, then you can also disable the OS X System level command to show/hide the Dock instead:

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences. The System Preferences dialog will open
  2. Click the Keyboard and Mouse Icon
  3. Click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab
  4. Scroll down to the section of key commands on Dock,Exposé, and Dashboard
  5. either Uncheck the box next to that item to disable the Show/Hide Dock feature entirely or double click on the shortcut key symbol of Option Command D and press the desired keys to assign a new key command
  6. Close the System Preferences panel when you're finished

problem still exists in 7.02

our current testing indicated the update to PowerCADD 7.02 does not fix this issue

if we have any additional information we'll post a comment

if you have any additional insights or information please feel free to post a comment here.

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