Can't Tab into Edit Window


When I select an object in my PowerCADD drawing and press Tab the Edit Window doesn't activate. Instead the controls for Sheets, Layers, etc., in the bottom left of the drawing window activate. How do I fix the problem?


PowerCADD all versions in Mac OS? X


Apple Mac OS X takes control of various key command assignments which affect all applications. In this case the Keyboard & Mouse settings have been setup on your system to use All Controls as shown below:

If things were working fine in PowerCADD (that is you could press Tab to get into the Edit Window) then the most likely cause of the problem is either the setting shown above was changed by clicking in the dialog, or perhaps you were in the Finder and pressed Control+F7 which would automatically changed the setting between the two available options. Regardless of the cause, the fix is easy.

The Fix

To restore PowerCADD's normal behavior of being able to press Tab to access and/or activate the Edit Window, do this:

  1. choose Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse
  2. press the Keyboard Shortcuts Tab
  3. press the Text Boxes and Lists Only radio button
  4. close the System Preferences dialog

The results should look the same as this JPG file:

We hope that helps

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