A Few Interface Basics


Sometimes we just can't get around to writing a whole article addressing a particular topic. However, we often toss together quick demonstration movies to help folks out. This article has some demonstration movies and slide shows for various bits related some of the basics of the PowerCADD Interface... they're not perfect but until we get around to dotting the i's and crossing the t's, these will have to suffice Cool


Minimum: PowerCADD v6, Mac OS? 9 or OS X (movies illustrate PowerCADD 6 interface in Mac OS X)
Recommended: PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS X
Need Movie Help?

quicktime Tangent Snapping [290KB]: This movie shows how Tangent Snapping works. Simply press the T key before starting the drawing process. Remember to watch the Snap Indicator Window at the top of the screen and look for the red dot on the circle -- this confirms Tangent Snapping is enabled.

quicktime Snap Indicator Window Settings [275KB]: Press the Control Key and click on the Snap Indicator Window to change it's font preferences.

quicktime Drawing Setup / Size Dialog [250KB]: You should review the PowerCADD Manual for a complete description of all the features of the Drawing Setup / Size settings but this quick flick shows you some of the neat features like the drawing preview, zooming and setting sheet sizes.

quicktime Page Setup Demonstration [1.1MB]: A quick review on how preform a page setup and choose a sheet size -- in this case up to 200 x 200 inches!

quicktime Layer Attributes (300KB downnload) Layer Attributes can be assigned to multiple selected layers. In this demo movie, we pressed the Command key as we clicked on each layer as it allowed us to select layers at random (i.e. the layers were not all in the same order)

We hope that helps

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