Guidelines & Adopting the Angle of Objects


How do I set a Guideline to an angle other than vertical or horizontal?


PowerCADD 2000 (version 5) through PowerCADD v7
PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS? X Tiger (10.4.4) or newer recommended


Guidelines can adopt the angle of any line , rotated rectangle or polygon face in the drawing. PowerCADD’s drawing rulers and the Option Key are key (sorry for the pun) to making things happen.

What to do

To have a Guideline adopt the angle of an object in your drawing, do this:

  1. Choose Layout Menu > Drawing Setup > Show tab and make sure the Show Rulers box is checked (in PowerCADD 6 or 7 you can also Control + click in the drawing window and choose Show Rulers from the contextual menu)
  2. Draw a Line (or polygon, or other object of your choice)
  3. Move the mouse over the rulers, the cursor will change
  4. Drag a Guideline off the ruler
  5. Press the Option key (cursor will change to a target cursor)
  6. drag the mouse & guideline and touch the line drawn in (2)
  7. the guideline will adopt the same angle as the line

quicktime Demo Movie (220KB Download) (need movie help?)

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Using Surface Snapping

You can use Snapping to ensure your guidelines are precisely aligned to the object.

In the example video above, you can see a red snap indicator appear as we move the mouse around or near an objects End Point or Vertex. However, you can also force the guideline to snap to the surface of an object simply by pressing S as you drag the Target Cursor on top of the object surface (e.g. a line) that you want the guideline to match.

Hint: You can use both the Option key and the S to force the guideline to adopt the angle of the object and precisely snap to the surface of the object.

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