Deleting Part of a Circle


How do I delete just a portion of a circle between two tangent lines?


PowerCADD 6 or WildTOOLs 7 and OS? X
PowerCADD 7 or WildTOOLs 8 and Mac OS X Tiger recommended


There are at least four methods to delete just a portion of a circle using PowerCADD, and even more when using WildTOOLs and PowerCADD. We'll cover the basics here and give a demonstration of a few methods.

The two most efficient methods are to use either the PowerCADD Break Tool or WildTOOLs Scissor Tool.

The PowerCADD manual describes the Break Tool and techniques in more detail and gives several examples including circles, lines, and tips on how to make sure you are going to break or delete the correct portion of the desired object. The WildTOOLs manual also includes some important tips.

It's important to remember that all Modifier Tools, including the PowerCADD Break Tool or WildTOOLs Scissor Tool, also work together with PowerCADD's Dynamic Snapping to ensure a clean, precise operation. For more on Dynamic Snappingplease review Chapter Two of the PowerCADD manual.

What To Do

quicktime Demo Movie (792KB) illustrating how you can delete just a portion of a circle using either the PowerCADD Break Tool or WildTOOLs Scissor Tool. Note the Snap Indicator is used to confirm X (intersection) and V (Vertex) snapping to create a clean, precise, trim operation. When using either the Break or Scissor Tools, pressing Option and clicking on the object ensures the desired object is being edited -- this can become important in crowded drawings or in complex plans when working with Edit All Layers On. In our example movie we pressed Option and clicked on the circle before completing the break and delete operation. ( need movie help? )

While you can use the Break Toolto delete the entire segment of the circle you don't want, the other choice is to simply cut the circle. That creates a 360 degree arc. You can then use either the PowerCADD or WildTools Trim/Extend Tool to cleanup the intersections. The above noted link demonstrates that technique using the WildTOOls Trim/Extend Tool to cleanup the bits of the arc we don't want.

There are several ways to achieve the result you're looking for, those a few of them.

We hope that helps

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