Slow down on Copy/Cut and Paste


I notice a significant slow down, the spinning colored wheel often appears, when selecting large numbers of objects and performing a Cut or Copy and Paste operation.


PowerCADD v7.00 and v7.01


When selecting thousands of objects, and trying to Cut or Copy those objects to Paste onto a new Layer or into a new Drawing, there is a significant slow down. If the Activity Monitor Application is running, it shows PowerCADD as not responding for the time that the spinning beach ball is present. After several seconds (+30 seconds or more depending on the number of objects and computer speed) the operation completes.

What To Do

If your object is is/was to Cut all the objects to paste them onto a new layer, use the Move to Layer instead. That command typically doesn't exhibit the same problem. If the object was to use the data moved onto a new layer as reference or background data (perhaps it's a translated AutoCAD drawing), try using the Reference command instead for added drawing management flexibility.

If the object was simply to move the data into a new layer or use Paste Special : Through layers to get the data into a new drawing, then the easiest method for now is to reduce the number of objects being selected. For example only select data on 2 or 3 layers and perform the Paste Special multiple times. We realize this isn't an ideal situation but until a fix is provided by Engineered Software we're not aware of another fix but if we come across any ideas we'll post them here.

The issue has been reported to and confirmed by Engineered Software and a fix in progress.

We hope that helps

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FIXED in PowerCADD 7.02

This issue is fixed and performance is GREAT in PowerCADD 7.02

If you're using PowerCADD 7.00 or 7.01, update your copy of PowerCADD and your problem should be fixed!

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