Adding Symbols to Libraries


Each new job I start needs new symbols added. Can I add symbols to and existing Library ? Can the symbols include my special data tags so I don’t have to reenter that information on each job?


Any version of PowerCADD and the corresponding Mac OS? to run it on


There are three fundamental things to remember about PowerCADD Symbol Libraries:

  1. Symbol Libraries are not linked to a specific drawing file. Libraries can be used with any PowerCADD drawing. Set it up once and use it as often as possible
  2. Symbol Library content may be added or deleted at any time. This makes it keep ‘master libraries’ current by adding new content and deleting obsolete information
  3. Symbol Libraries can contain any PowerCADD object. This means if you used Obj. Text or Set Symbol Data or Set Symbol Fields (pre PowerCADD v6) or Set Symbol Tags (PowerCADD v6) to add your own ‘data tags’ of special information, that information is included with the object when it’s added to the library

What To Do

To add an object to your existing Symbol Library, do this:

  1. open the Symbol Library
  2. create the object in PowerCADD (add any required data tags using Set Symbol Fields, Set Data or Obj. Text)
  3. copy / paste the object into the Symbol Library
  4. Name the item
  5. press the Rename button
  6. Save the Library

PowerCADD 2000 and earlier Hint: When using the Set Symbol Data command to set the Data Tags before adding an item to a Symbol Library only fill in the first 4 fields. Use the Name Field, Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, leave Field 4 blank. When you paste the item into the library and name it, the field order is modified. The Name assigned in the Symbol Library always causes the list to bump down ‘one position’ as such, any data entered in Field 4 will be lost.

PowerCADD v6 and newer Hint: The nuance noted above with respect to symbol data on longer applies. In PowerCADD v6 or v7 simply use the Set Symbol Tags menu item to assign all the available fields. The order will NOT be change when you assign a name in the symbol library. Instead, a new field Symbol Nameis added to the top of the dialog box. This is a significant and welcome improvement

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