Feature Overview

The ability to combine AutoCAD model space and paper space when reading DWG? files.

Feature Description:

Currently, the PowerDWG Translator has unofficial support for combining AutoCAD Model Space and Paper Space entities with translating a file as noted in this article. We'd like to see support for that unofficial feature formalized and automatically combine Model Space and Paper Space entities (or give us the choice) when reading (opening) a DWG file.

On the surface the feature request may seem simple. However, among the various technical hurdles this request has, one of the biggest issues we can see is what happens when there are multiple view ports in the AutoCAD DWG file, where each one might contain distinct Paper Space elements? How should the PowerDWG Translator handle that condition?

  • Should it it create one new PowerCADD file for each viewport?
  • Should each view port become a distinct sheet setup in PowerCADD, thereby allowing the common Model Space data to be used and a distinct layer (or layers) be made for the Paper Spaceentities?
  • Are there other practical alternatives?

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Wish Was Granted

This wish was granted, the ACAD Translator in PowerCADD v8 allows you to specify which paper space layout you want to translate! Cool

The scale is automatically assigned based on the last scale specified by the ACAD user. It's important to make sure they didn't specify some sort of odd ball scale for the layout because what they did is what you get (perhaps they set a special scale to print a reduction as an example).

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