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Support for X-Refs

Personally, I struggle with this(DWG? -X-refs) more and more. I think the ability to read in X-Refed files is so important that it should have been included in this (v7) release. In fact, I would be willing to Pay for a version 7 DWG translator upgrade if it supported AutoCad Xrefs
With the latest release of AutoCad 2006 fewer and fewer architects and engineers are willing to meet us half-way and bind in their X-refs - the attitude of late has been " our way or the highway" especillay from the "Mega-Firms" that simply refuse to play ball. Although, I must say that the version 7 DWG /DXF? translator is a vast improvment over previous versions. It would be nice to have a "Batch command" with pre-sets for multiple files coming from the same source.

my 2 cents

you raise some excellent

you raise some excellent points. That reminds me that a batch command needed to be included as a wish list item. It had been discussed before but never formally made into a voteable item. Check back again soon to see it Smile

The mega firm / our way or highway syndrome is a real one and Xref? support would really go a long way to closing the loop with respect to cross platform translation. The notion of a paid for upgrade to PowerDWG is a also an important aspect to things as it starts to clearly prioritize the issue and might help put it in context for Engineered Software.

In fact if I were to prioritize PoweDWG features from most to least important they'd be:

  1. Xref support to bind all inbound references automatically
  2. Support for Global Origin to help match coordinate spaces
  3. Automatically merge paper space/model space elements in one pass
  4. Batch processing (like the old external translator had)
  5. Clipping and Fill to Hatch support

I'm on the fence with respect to items 3 and 4 -- the could easily flip positions as batch is a big deal. It really depends on what's happening at a given moment in my work flow.

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