Tweaking Performance

What features in PowerCADD 7 and Mac OS? X can help me fine tune performance?

The range of hardware and style and types of drawings prepared by PowerCADD users is significant to put it mildly. To address that vast range of variables PowerCADD has several application level preferences and menu commands to help you tweak things to your particular circumstances.

In addition to the PowerCADD specific topics below, we also recommend you review our Mac OS X Learning Center for additional hints on tips to keep your hard drive and Mac OS X operating system in optimal working order. Please remember, there is no, single, magic bullet that will work for everyone and every drawing circumstance. As such, it's important to review all the suggestions and evaluate them one by one to see how they might impact your particular circumstances. Don't forget; a well maintained hard drive and operating system is important for any application to run efficiently in Mac OS X. In fact, keeping up to date with the most recent releases of Mac OS X (Tiger at the time of this article) and the related updates is an important consideration in getting the most out of PowerCADD, the Mac OS, and your hardware in general.

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