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Bill Stanley, President of Engineered Software XTNL URL, posted a sneak peak publicly XTNL URL of the new ability to Scale Hatch Patterns in the soon to be released update for PowerCADD 7. Read the rest of this article to get our take on things.

There is a new Hatch Settings submenu in the Attributes menu! Among the new options available for Hatch Settings is the ability to specify a scale factor ( Hatch Settings > Scale... ) to enlarge or reduce the size of a hatch pattern! Look closely folks, because while the new feature sneak peak deals specifically with Scale... there are some other new items in the menu that warrant careful consideration which we're not at liberty to openly discuss. Cool


What does this mean? Well, it's a pretty big deal really. Remember that hatch patterns in PowerCADD 6 and PowerCADD 7 are associative and behave much like fill patterns in that they reflow when objects are resized or reshaped. In PowerCADD 6, a hatch pattern had to be converted to objects (hardened) before it could be rescaled, thereby breaking the association with the source object. With Hatch Settings > Scale... the pattern can be rescaled so it can be tweaked to suit a particular drawing scale, and still maintain it's association with the source object.


No more having to play around trying to get the hatch scale right! Just draw the object, hatch it, and choose Hatch Settings > Scale... to make it larger or smaller. That has to be a productivity increase and time/money saver for anyone who deals with hatches in their drawings. Don't forget, hatches also translate via DWG? and DXF? and with the associative nature of hatches and other features you have to wonder if they might supplant fill patterns for a lot of users. Particularly those who need to maximize DWG compatibility but still want all the benefits of Macintosh fill patterns.

We hope that helps

P.S.: Did you notice the New Hatch menu item has an arrow which represents a new submenu too. Makes a person wonder just what's behind that curtain! |:)

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