Random Access Memory (RAM)

The amount of RAM? installed in your computer can directly affect performance.

Just how much RAM should you have installed is quite a subjective matter as it depends on the type of work you do, how many documents and applications you have open at one time, what version of Mac OS? X you're running and your type of hardware. While PowerCADD does an excellent job working the Apple's Mac OS X modern memory manager, having sufficient RAM installed is still important for general productivity.

Since the Apple Macintosh IIci and IIcx, there has been one rule of thumb we've always followed:

Take whatever Apple's current minimum recommendation is for RAM and double it when you buy your computer.

Now, that may seem like an extreme statement but history has proven time and again that rule of thumb to hold true. While it may seem high for what you think you're doing today it gives you some room to grow and grow quickly you will.

That rule of thumb will help you with PowerCADD and all your other Mac OS applications.

Minimum Recommended RAM for PowerCADD
The manual for PowerCADD 7 recommends a minimum of 1 Gigabyte (GB?) of RAM be installed for optimal PowerCADD performance. That's a pretty reasonable recommendation but remember, that doesn't take into consideration other applications or widgets you may have running at the same time! So, take that recommendation with a grain of salt and look at your specific local needs. Start by looking at our rule of thumb noted above -- and adjust that value UP if you're not sure. More will always be better.

Type or Speed of RAM
We can't get into the details of that conversation here since the type of RAM and speed of RAM will vary depending on your current hardware. Suffice to say get the fastest and best possible quality RAM you can as it will make a difference.

Testing RAM
Yes, it's important you TEST your RAM before putting a computer into production. This isn't just a rule for using PowerCADD, but when using your Mac in general. RAM can be bad and bad RAM can produce all kinds of system level problems. Apple does provide a Hardware Test application and we recommend running in Loop Mode for at least 24 hours to thoroughly test your RAM before putting a machine into production. That recommendation also holds true if you've upgraded or added RAM.

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