Are there any PowerCADD 7 Preference settings that can I can adjust to help tweak performance?


PowerCADD 7 and Mac OS? X Tiger (10.4.4 or newer recommended)


PowerCADD 7 is a high performance application optimized for Mac OS X. However, there is no way to predict the type of drawings everyone might be producing nor now new or old their hardware might be. With that in mind, there are a variety of perference settings in PowerCADD that may affect performance in your particular hardware or drawing situation. Note we say may affect performance; we really don't know but at least you can try various combinations of items to see if they actually make a difference for you.

For detailed explainations of the features and settings described below, reference your PowerCADD user manual.

What To Do

We can't guarantee anything -- but here are some things to try.

Preference Settings: General:
This feature allows floating windows in PowerCADD to become transparent, allowing you to see through them to the drawing below. Some computer hardware may not be sufficient to efficiently support this feature.

  1. Choose PowerCADD menu > Preferences... > General Tab
  2. Click on Window Fading to uncheck (turn off) that setting

Preference Settings: View:
There several settings in the View Preferences that you can try adjusting to affect performance. To turn any of these preferences off, do this:

  1. Choose PowerCADD menu > Preferences... > View Tab
  2. Click on check box next to a feature named below to uncheck (turn off) that setting

Some computer hardware may not be sufficient to efficiently support the following features:

  • Uncheck the Use Transparent Drawing box. When checked on, objects with a solid fill or line pattern are transparent when dragging them on screen.
  • Uncheck the Scale Patterns box. When checked on, fill patterns are scaled up or down when zooming in or out in a drawing. The performance of Fill Patterns is very fast and generally this feature doesn't affect performance to any measurable degree. However, as general rule we prefer to work with this perference off simply because patterns can look coarse on screen when zoomed in and they enlarge. Fill Patterns are also best viewed when the zoom level is set to View menu > Normal (100%) since that's the scale the pattern will print at.
  • Uncheck the Mouse Wheel Zooms box. If you have a multi-button mouse with a center scroll wheel, when checked on you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out of a drawing. If you're using a third party mouse or third party (non-Apple) mouse drivers (software used to make the mouse work), you should make sure you have the most current drivers available. The quality of the mouse driver can directly affect performance at the Mac OS System level which will also affect performance in PowerCADD
  • Adjust the Greek Text setting for the Point size. This is also a settings that should be checked on to help performance. Greeking text renders the text to screen as a grey box when the display font size is equal to the value shown in the Greek Text field. Since Mac OS X performs anti-aliasing (smoothing) of text when rendered to screen, rendering the text as a grey box eliminates the need for the operating system to try and smooth the text display. Some computer hardware may not efficiently support Mac OS X level text smoothing. Try increasing the point size at which text will be greeked. Also check your font smoothing options in the Mac OS X System Panel (choose: Apple menu> System Preferences > Appearance and adjust the Font Smoothing Style pop-up setting and Turn off Text Smoothing for fonts sizes pop-up menu. You will need to experiment.)
  • Uncheck the High Quality Drags (slower) box. This box is unchecked by default to help increase performance by simplifying the image redrawn to screen when objects are moved by dragging them in a drawing. Also reference our articles in the PowerCADD 7 : Interface section for more on this feature.


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