Video RAM? affects performance overall in Mac OS? X

With the introduction of Mac OS X several years ago, Apple also introduced their Quartz XTNL URL and Quartz Extreme XTNL URL technologies.

Apple has spelled out the system requirements for Video Boards and Video RAM in this article XTNL URL and it's worth reviewing. Because PowerCADD is optimized for Mac OS X, anything you can do to increase the overall performance of Mac OS X, including video board performance will help.

Hardware support for Quartz Extreme graphics becomes even more important in PowerCADD 7 if you start to use the new shadow and opacity attribute features.

To check the type of Video Board and amount of Video RAM you have installed on your computer:

  1. From any application, choose Apple menu > About this Mac
  2. The About This Mac dialog will open. Click More Info...
  3. Apple's System Profiler application will present a dialog allowing you to access information about your computers hardware and software configuration
  4. click the Hardware reveal triangle in the left hand Contents panel to display the list of hardware items for your computer
  5. click Graphics/Displays to view the details of your computers Video Board including the make and model of the video board, amount of VRAM? and various other hardware specifications
  6. compare the hardware configuration to those recommended by Apple in the links provided earlier in this article

Aside from physically changing the video board, there is little that you can do increase compatibility with Quartz or Quartz Extreme. However, knowing what you have installed is an important first step to help determine where you may have a performance bottle neck that might be affecting your screen redraw or display performance in PowerCADD and other Mac OS X native applications.

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