Switching between Open Drawings


Is there a shortcut I can use to switch between the drawings I have open in PowerCADD?


PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS? X Tiger or newer recommended


PowerCADD let's you switch between open drawings by choosing a drawing from the Window menu. However, there is an even easier way!

Mac OS X has several hidden gems that apply to every application. Using a key command shortcut to switch between open files in any application is one of those hidden gems. What we'll describe here is an easy way to toggle (switch) between the open drawing windows in PowerCADD, but the same technique also works with other applications in Mac OS X; give it a go Smile

What To Do

When you have multiple drawings open in PowerCADD, do this:

  1. Press Command + Tilde
  2. The Tilde key is that funny squiggly symbol that is just above the Tab key and just below the Esc key in the upper left corner of your keyboard.

  3. Result: The next drawing in the list is made active. The previous drawing window remains open.
  4. Repeat the key sequence in step (1) to toggle/switch/cycle through each open drawing

As simple as that is; it's easy to miss and is real time saver if you need to work with multiple drawings open at the same time.

We hope that helps

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