Can't Import Sheet Setups when Referencing Drawings


When Referencing other PowerCADD drawings you can no longer choose to reference/import the Sheets Setups after upgrading your copy of PowerCADD 7.


PowerCADD v7.03 in Mac OS? X


In versions of PowerCADD prior to version 7.03, it was possible to also import Sheets Setups that were associated with the Referenced drawing. The manual describes the condition and the dialog box used to look like this:

After updating your version of PowerCADD v7 to PowerCADD v7.03 that feature is no longer available. The dialog box now looks like this:


Work Around

There is no work around for this condition; Sheet Setups are simply ignored when Referencing a drawing which is how they were treated in versions of PowerCADD prior to release 7. After Referencing the file you will have to manually recreate the Sheets Setups in the master drawing.

This was a rolling design change implemented by Engineered Software.

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