Keeping Everyone on the Same Page


What are my options for keeping everyone in my office on the same page with respect to using the same line weights, colors, layers, etc.?


PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS? X ( OS 10.4.4 recommended)


PowerCADD 6 used Stationery Pads as the primary method for keeping everyone on the same page. In PowerCADD 7, Engineered Software introduced a new feature, Global Attributes which can also be used (note: Stationery Pads still exist in PowerCADD 6)

The distinction between Global Attributes and Stationery Pads for keeping folks on the same page is distinct.

The Differences

Global Attributes (accessed by choosing PowerCADD menu > Preferences... > General tab > Global Attributes check box )allows you to create common attribute menu items for Line weights, Pen and Fill Color, Fill Patterns, hatch patterns, Dashes, Arrows and Attribute Styles. The settings are saved in a dedicated default file named Default Table which is stored in user directory > Library > Preferences > PowerCADD folder > Default Table file.

It would be possible for a user to seed the Default Table file, put that on a server, and let others copy that file to their location to see the same attributes.

If everybody does not have the Default Table then they will NOT all see the same menu choices for the above note attributes.

That could be an issue so proceed carefully to really understand what Global Attributes is doing before going whole hog. It's a great feature -- just move carefully is my advice

What Global Attributes doesn't do is allow you to setup standard Layers, Sheet Setups, source objects like Title Blocks, Drawing scales, etc. -- that's where Stationery Pads still have their place as they can contain custom Attributes and all the other items listed above. In the case of a single Stationery used in an office, it could be saved on a server and PowerCADD can be told to grab that file on launch. In the case of multiple stationery pads, an alias to that folder on a server can be used locally to link to the various files. Both of those methods can, in some circumstances, make it easier to keep multiple people on the same page.

The PowerCADD 7 manual has several pages on Global Attributes and it's worth reviewing that and playing with it at the same time to see the implications. I recommend starting with a single custom attribute (something obvious like a huge fat line weight or custom fill pattern) first to see how that works then build up from there.

There is no right or wrong answer with respect to which to use -- Global Attributes or Stationery Pads. Each have strengths and weakness. Best advice it to experiment and see what works best for your particular conditions.

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