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I know the PowerDWG translator will translate information from AutoCAD Paper OR Model Space but the manual says I need to perform two translations. It is possible to translate both Paper and Model Space at the same time?


Minimum: PowerCADD v6 and PowerDWG v6 with Mac OS? X or Mac OS 9
Recommended: PowerCADD v7 and Mac OS X (PCadd 7.01 and OS X 10.4.4 or newer recommended)


In AutoCAD, information can be drawn in one of two drawing spaces. Model Space typically contains the primary object data used to create the content of a drawing: for example all the information in an architectural plan or site plan. Paper Space typically contains all the secondary object data used to describe things like the title block, notes or related annonations in a drawing.

When you open a DWG file in PowerCADD containing both Model and Paper Space information, the Incoming DWG Settings dialog box displays two radio buttons at the top of the dialog as shown here:

The PowerDWG Translator can translation information both Model and Paper Space and typically it requires two translations to get all the content. One translation for Model Space and another for Paper Space. Then the two drawings must be copied and pasted together to form a single drawing.

However, it is possible to translate both Model and Paper Space objects at the same time.

Caution: this is a hidden and UNSUPPORTED feature so proceed carefully. While we've generally have had excellent success, we have also found the odd file which has not translated correctly using this hidden feature. Please proceed with caution and examine the resulting translation carefully. In the cases where we've had problems, the condition has been very obvious. The process described in the manual, to translate Model and Paper Space separately is the official, fully supported method.

What To Do

To translate AutoCAD Model and Paper Space information at the same time using the PowerDWG translator, do this:

  1. Choose File? menu > Open... to open the DWG file in PowerCADD
  2. The data will be processed and the DWG Incoming Settings dialog will open with a preview of your drawing
  3. At the top of the screen, click the Model Space radio button
  4. Make the desired translation settings for scale, paper size, etc. in the body of the Incoming Settings dialog
  5. Press Option and click OK
  6. The DWG file will be processed and the resulting translation will contain both Model and Paper Space objects.


  • In step 3, if the Paper Space radio button is dimmed, then your drawing only contains information in Model Space and that radio button is selected by default
  • In step 3, you can preview the data in Paper Space by clicking the Paper Space radio button prior to proceeding with the translation. We recommend previewing the data so you have a sense of what the finished translation should look like
  • In step 3, the Model Space radio button must be selected if you intend to translate both Model and Paper Space information at the same time

For more information on using the PowerDWG translator, the PowerCADD user manual has examples which are worth taking the time to review.

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