Bill Stanley, President of Engineered Software XTNL URL, posted a sneak peak publicly XTNL URL of the new Object Attributes Window in the soon to be released update for PowerCADD 7. Here's our take on things.

The new feature refers to Styles, specifically creating new Attribute Styles. Styles is a time saving feature allowing you to save specific attribute setting combinations as an Attribute Style. These Attribute Styles can then be applied by selecting them from Attribute menu > Styles or from a Contextual Menu when you Control+Click on an object.

Choosing Attribute menu > Styles > New... (a new menu command) brings up a new Attribute Style dialog. The new, Styles, feature appears to support saving various object attributes including Opacity? (new!) among many other attribute options. You be the judge of just what all these neat new features can bring to your work flow!


We're looking forward to talking more about the new features of PowerCADD 7 as soon as the product is available.

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